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Quantam Awarded Economic Bright Spot Company

Quantam has been awarded as an economic Bright Spot by Corp@!Magazine.

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State of Ohio

Quantam renews contract in the state of Ohio to provide Information Technology Services.

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State of Illinois

The State of Illinois has signed a new contract with Quantam to provide Information Technology Services for all agencies.

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CEO awarded IT Executive of the Year.

Richard Van Staten has been announced as the Stevie Awards IT Executive of the Year.

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La-Z-Boy & Quantam

LazyBoy signs contract with Quantam to provide oversight and governance services for it’s Information Technology division.

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Quantam Gives Back

Quantam recently provided outings for the Detroit Police and Fire Departments. We are thankful for all they do.

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Quantam & DNR

Quantam has won a new contract with the Department of Natural Resources to provide modernization efforts for legacy systems.

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Quantam Featured in Entrepreneur

Quantam has been featured in Entrepreneur to talk about business budgets.

Be prepared for modernization of infrastructure and applications.

Seamless designs and mobile capability are only the outcomes of the complexity of people, process, procedure, data, integration and much more behind the scenes. Applications that can be easily applied for the user community. From FedRamp certification and the most updated custom and cloud applications on the market. Quantam has you covered.


down to the absolute detail.

In order to create easy-to-use technology, you employ the best thinkers and the most creative minds in the business. In order to sustain a government agency and be responsible to the constituency, you operate like a private organization. In order to be on the leading-edge of everything, you pay attention to micro details. Quantam has redefined big consulting, and you would be surprised what is possible.

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Sit down and have a cup of coffee with us.

Quantam is easy to work with. Sit down and have a cup of coffee with us and you will immediately understand the difference. All of our executives are from a delivery background and understand the challenges your organization faces.

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think creatively and things will change.

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