Brenda Muarquette | Quantam Project Manager 

      Brenda Muarquette | Quantam Project Manager 


IT innovation is increasingly valued as a key component of sustainable success of business operations. Then why are some projects more successful than others? The answer: powerful project management professionals. Quantam’s project management professionals drive project success no matter what challenges emerge. With our full service offering from pre-project planning to completion, our professionals utilize both unique and traditional project management approaches to ensure your project is successful. We even help you define success. Quantam’s PMO allows your business to lower costs by accomplishing more work in less time without sacrificing quality.

like you have never seen before

IT projects, whether connected or not, requires a team of highly qualified, coordinated professionals to ensure your project completes timely and on-budget. Quantam’s end-to-end Project Management Office (PMO) starts with procurement guidance, requirements gathering, vendor selection and evaluation, implementation delivery, and ends with maintenance and support services. Most importantly, our superior communication and reporting methods compliment your project decision makers’ skills by fortifying a collective insight to understand project resources, milestones, and delivery for quick and clear analysis.


However, not all PMOs are created equal, therefore, what makes Quantam unique? Strategic guidance. The lack of alignment between business and project strategy is a significant contributor, if not the primary cause for, project failures as well as an obstacle for realizing sustainable competitive advantage. Quantam collaborates with your leaders to formulate and implement decisions linking IT projects to your organization’s overall strategic vision.  IT projects address targeted, well-defined business objectives. Because of this, projects are the foundation to achieve a greater strategic vision. Visions for organizational growth, brand enhancement, and public service improvements do not materialize overnight. The Quantam PMO segregates larger strategies into smaller parts initiating projects to accomplish your big-picture ideas. At the end of the day, our turn-key PMO with project managers, business analysts, technical experts, and other professionals get the job done. 

spanning your whole portfolio

Strategy without execution is misleading the best business leaders. Your organization can develop strategy, but if you cannot execute it, your strategy becomes devalued. Quantam assists organizations launch IT projects in coordination with enterprise IT and business strategy through our strategic program and portfolio management methods. After understanding your IT portfolio, projects, and strategy, Quantam’s Program Management professionals utilize a systematic assessment and execution approach.

  • Quantam assesses how projects are staffed, selected, managed, and monitored across the enterprise
  • Quantam analyzes and provides estimated and actual return on investment for projects within your portfolio
  • Quantam reviews your organization's resources to ensure the appropriate skills, competencies, and organization structure are in place to deliver projects
  • Quantam’s continuous assessment of the project portfolio to ensure that projects selected and funded support the overall business strategy through the entire project lifecycle. We build a business case detailing the coordination of each project and alignment with your strategy
  • Quantam analyzes dependencies between projects, improve communication with the program team including stakeholder, resource utilization across projects, and deliver projects as planned
  • Quantam's Program Management offering is ultimately aimed at leveraging resource skills, business processes, organizational structures, technologies, competencies, and organization direction to transform the competitive position of your organization

trim the fat and run six sigma lean

Whether you are a manufacturer, government entity, or a health care organization, there is a need for today’s companies to operate as efficiently as possible. Identifying process improvements is a distinction separating high-performing organizations from all others. Quantam’s project management services can include the six sigma and lean six sigma certified professionals from yellow belt to green belt. Our project management office and program management services can include these resources trained to reduce process defects and eliminate process waste. Quantam’s ultimate goal when utilizing this service is finding process efficiency that will help your organization provide more of what customers want at a lower cost in addition to process improvement education through training. 


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